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Saturday, May 30, 2009

Survival Seed Bank

So here's the deal: I'm trying to get the word out before the food crisis becomes too apparent to the general public and there is a run on these seed banks. I've decided to sell the Survival Seed Bank at a discounted price to our customers who use this website to order. For the general public, the price will be a fat $297.00 - no discounts… even to FEMA or military personnel. Take it or leave it. But for existing Solutions From Science customers, as long as you buy online from this site, I will send you everything for just…

$149 Until We Run Out!
That's less than half of what everyone else will have to pay when the Survival Seed Bank hits the street. I'm making this "extra" discounted offer because our current customers deserve “first dibs” on something this important.

So… all in all… you're saving $149.00 off the full price… and you get a waterproof seed bank FREE. That’s right. You can actually bury this unit for 20 years if you like and still have your seeds when you need them most. Most seed companies send you seeds in paper envelopes and cardboard boxes. But the difference is that the seed bank you get from us is practically indestructible.That's a heck of a deal right there.But there's more: I am also going to give you a bottle of “Nitro Seed Starter Solution” absolutely free of charge. What this amazing product does is allow you to jump start your crop by simply soaking your seeds in this solution for a few seconds before you plant. When the Nitro soaked seeds hit the ground… it’s over. The seeds grow like crazy! And there's one more thing: You’ll also receive detailed instructions on how to harvest seeds for the following year.

In fact, we’ve included a special 81-page manual called *Survival Gardening With Heirlooms*. It’s designed to help anyone (beginner or expert), cultivate a highly productive crisis garden. Written by a survivalist and a master gardener, it describes in detail, each step of the way, taking you by the hand from planting your seeds to cultivating to gathering and storing your seeds for the next growing season. The 81-page manual is absolutely free as an e-book to anyone that purchases a Survival Seed Bank.

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Friday, May 29, 2009

Survival Seed Bank for Barter

I have mentioned the Survival Seed Bank many times before but I just can't say enough good about this product. I liked it so good that I ordered another as possible future barter items. After the collapse these seeds are going to be worth their weight in gold in many places. Being able to raise your own food in your Survival Garden is the only way to long term survival. Your food storage will run out in time if you don't have a way to replenish it and a Survival Garden is the way to do just that. Most of the seeds from my first Survival Seed Bank are in the ground now but I wanted another for barter. I will be saving seeds like a wild man this fall, like I have never saved them before. Mark my words, heirloom seeds will have more barter power than paper money in the very near future. It's my opinion and the opinion of many others that heirloom seeds and ammo are the best investment one can make in this economy. I'm not taking any chances so I'm getting both. It's not to late to plant your Survival Garden either. There is still time to plant and get a harvest of many different veggies by this fall. Plus you can always have a winter garden by planting cole crops in the fall.

Natural disasters of any kind could come my way and wipe my garden out leaving me with nothing. No food and no seeds. It just pays to have a back up plan (or seeds). It's just the way of
a prepper.
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Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Survival Seed Bank

"Indestructible Survival Seed Bank Can Be Buried To Avoid Confiscation."

*Important: We are in a very real "non-hybrid" seed shortage. This means we may have to substitute varieties if supplies become exhausted. All Seedbanks will contain the same amount of ONLY Heirloom seeds, enough to plant a full acre Crisis Garden!

Each Survival Seed Bank has a total of 22 varieties of OPEN POLLINATED “super seeds.” Also included are detailed growing instructions for each variety which includes helpful information on harvesting of seed stock for the following year in a survival situation. This is obviously very important because failing to collect seeds properly at harvest time could mean starvation.

Remember, non-hybrid seeds can be grown practically anywhere and have the ability to assimilate mineral and trace elements from the soil that man made plants just don’t seem to have. That’s because they were created by God as we read in Genesis:

And God said, “Let the earth sprout vegetation, plants yielding seed, and fruit trees bearing fruit in which is their seed, each according to its kind, on the earth.”
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Sunday, May 24, 2009

Survival Seed Bank

New “Survival Seed Bank” Produces Thousands Of Pounds Of Nutrient-Dense Food For Pennies Per Pound…

Enough To Feed Friends And Family Forever!Now you can grow all the survival food you will ever need anywhere in the country with a kit that contains a special seed bank of hard to find, open pollinated… super seeds, grown by small, fiercely independent farmers. Let’s face it. If the stories coming out on the world’s food supply are even half right, we’ve got real problems and they aren’t going to go away quickly. Here are a couple stories that I ran across recently:

WorldNet Daily cites strong evidence that some government agencies are stockpiling huge amounts of canned food.

Jim Randas, former U.S. Intelligence officer, appeared on ABC telling Americans to start stockpiling food.

Grocery store prices are rising faster than any time in U.S. history.

Worldwide grain stocks are dropping precipitously as bio-fuels consume inventories… and on and on and on.You don’t have to be an Old Testament prophet to see what’s going on all around us. A belligerent lower class demanding handouts. A rapidly diminishing middle class crippled by police state bureaucracy. An aloof, ruling elite that has introduced us to an emerging totalitarianism which seeks control over every aspect of our lives.As the meltdown progresses, one of the first things to be affected will be our nation’s food supply. Expect soaring prices along with moderate to severe shortages by spring. If you don’t have the ability to grow your own food next year, your life may be in danger. Supply lines for food distribution in this country are about three days, meaning a dependence on “just in time” distribution systems, which will leave store shelves empty in the event of even the smallest crisis.

Are You Ready To Take Control Of Your Own Food Supply?

Could you and your family get off the grid and survive in a panic? Do you have enough seeds to plant a survival garden and feed your family? Do you have the right kind of seeds to plant? If you’re answering no to these questions, you need to stop wherever you are and ask yourself…

“What would I do if the grocery stores closed?”

The answer sadly is that you’d probably go hungry.

Here’s What You Should Do Right Now…
First, you need to have the peace of mind knowing that if things were to get scary, that you and your family could still eat. Listen: having enough non-hybrid seeds to plant an acre or two could be the difference between life and death. With our new “Survival Seed Bank,” growing your own survival food becomes easy. Remember, our hand-picked seeds are not genetically modified in any way. You simply save some of your harvest seeds from year one and have more than enough to plant in year two. You’ll never need to buy seeds again! You just can’t do that with man-made hybrid seeds. It’s been very difficult to acquire high quality, open pollinated seeds lately. We’ve had a lot of our Food Storage Secrets’ customers asking for a good source and we finally have seeds we feel comfortable offering folks whose lives may depend on exceptional germination rates.

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